Nickel Expanded Metal Sheet

Nickel Expanded Metal is made of nickel foil by precision expanding technique. The benefits of Nickel metal is that it offers good resistance to dry gases and chlorides at room temperature. It has also high resistance to strong acids like phosphorous trichloride, phosphorous oxychloride and benzoyl chloride. The nickel expanded metal fits best for battery operations for example nickel-compartment/Ni-Hi/Li-ion battery electrode.

Nickel Expanded Metal is symmetrically slit and stretched to produce diamond shape openings. This type of nickel mesh has avoided the electricity flow problem that occurs in mesh made of woven wires.

We take the special measures to produce the nickel expanded metal mesh with smooth surface.

Material: Nickel panel

Production process: stamped and stretched

Mesh hole pattern: diamond, triangle, similar hexagonal

Specification of nickel expended metal mesh:

Mesh opening: 0.3 X 0.6mm, 0.6 X 1.2mm, 1 X 2mm,1.5 X 2mm, 1.5X 3mm,2 X 3mm, 2 X 4mm, 3 X 6mm, 4 X 8mm, 5 X 10mm, 6 X12mm, 8 X 1.6mm, 10 X 20mm, 12 X 24mm, 15 X 30mm etc.

Mesh thickness: 0.04 mm ---5mm

Mesh width: 5 mm--1000 mm

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